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How to Stay Positive - Make Yourself a Priority

keeping positive

How many times have you felt completely overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list? You're stressed because you have so much to do that you chase your tail and accomplish nothing! I'm guilty of this, and it's taken some tough love from myself to make changes and realise that life isn't meant to be hectic. It's time to reclaim your life, and here are some suggestions that have helped me when I've felt overwhelmed or anxious.


Everyone has enough time to take care of themselves. Consider how often you've travelled and been told to put your mask on before assisting others by the flight attendant. Why? Because you won't be able to help others if you can't breathe. The same can be said for your daily routine. You must aim to be healthy if you desire to live life to the fullest and experience everything you can while on Planet Earth.

In saying that, I have Crohn's disease, which puts me at a disadvantage, but I've only ever let it halt me in my tracks once when I was sick in 2019 and had to undergo major surgery. That was entirely out of my control and a difficult period for me. Every day, I would tell myself that this was only a temporary situation, and now I can see how far I've come since then.

Tip: Remember that this is a temporary situation when going through tough times.

The following suggestions might help you stay positive too. They certainly help me.

  • I can meditate for five minutes whenever I choose. Let's face it, 5 minutes isn't a lot of time, and you can stop and relax for 5 minutes.

  • While driving, listen to motivational and instructional podcasts. You'll be thrilled at how much information you absorb while doing this.

  • Purchase an essential oil infuser and use it to generate lovely fragrances while you work. Frankincense is my favourite because it inspires me.

  • Everyone requires Vitamin D, so sit in the sun for 5 minutes (while doing your meditation). Spoiler alert with that one: I have had numerous skin cancers, so ensure you are only in the sun for a short time and not in the hottest part of the day, and it is wise to wear a hat and sunscreen.

  • Visit the botanical gardens or go for a walk in the woods.

  • Make a tiny herb garden in your backyard or balcony and reap the rewards of growing your own food.

  • Learn to say no and refuse to be swayed by what others demand of you.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Be in the present moment when you're walking the dog, for example. Observe the lovely trees and gardens and be grateful that you have a dog, that you can walk, that you can see, and that you have all of the other amazing things you have right now.

  • Make sustainable changes in your life

  • Make a gratitude list daily, or send someone a beautiful card expressing your thanks.

  • Get in shape.

  • If you set small goals for yourself, you will ultimately get to where you want to be to achieve your larger objectives.


The first guideline is to establish limits and learn to say no. Stop being a 'people-pleaser.' It won't go you very far. It is not self-centred to desire to take care of oneself and enjoy life. As I already stated, if you are not well or happy, you will not be able to help others.

Begin by asking yourself, "Is this a top priority?" If it isn't, don't be concerned.


My friend once told me that when she wakes up in the morning, she makes a conscious effort to grin and smile at the ceiling! That is effective. When you're feeling low, it also helps to grin and chuckle. Smiling makes you seem younger and is contagious!

I recognise how lovely the world is and how fortunate I am.

Tip: Make a list of 5 new habits you will start to make yourself a priority.
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