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The purpose of this blog is to help bring some positive vibes back into the world. We share stories on mindset, positivity, happiness and nature stories. Our blog is supported by our positive vibes jewellery store, not advertising so your reading experience is not interrupted. 

Spirit Awakening



Hello! Happy to have you here. I'm Deb Carr and I started Upbeat and Positive to give you useful advice and resources for living a more assured, happy, optimistic, and peaceful existence. I also share stories such as near death experiences, living a more spiritual life and even UFO's!

I am not the only writer on this blog, I do have contract staff and the sometimes a guest (no SEO companies please do not contact me for links and guest posts that are totally irrelevant to this website).

Some of the topics covered:


  • Realising your ambitions and desires

  • MindsetBuilding resilience and confidence 

  • Motivational quotes and stories

  • Reviews of the top books and tools for self-improvement and self growth

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Interviews with inspirational people

  • Spirituality including the after life and NDE's. 

  • Crystals

  • Jewellery 

  • People adnd lifestyle

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