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Good Vibes and Positivity Blog

Give yourself or someone you love a positive gift. Upbeat and positive is a positivity jewellery store and blog. We aim to bring more happiness, good news stories and joy into people's lives. Please  visit the blog, where we share stories on mindset, happiness, simple living, sustainability, spirituality and good news. In a world filled with uncertainty, bad news, chaos, and, let's face it, so much drama, our wish is to bring some happiness and tranquillity back into the world. 

We care about Mother Earth and share stories on sustainable living as well.

Here are ten simple things you can do to help make our world better.


  1. Think "reduce, reuse, recycle" Reduce the amount of waste you produce. To protect natural resources and landfill space, adhere to the three "R's".

  2. Volunteer. Participate in community cleanups by volunteering. You may contribute to the preservation of your watershed.

  3. Educate. Continuing your education may educate others about the significance and worth of our natural resources.

  4. Be water-wise. The less water you consume, the less wastewater and runoff will ultimately end up in the ocean.

  5. Shop carefully. Bring a reusable shopping bag and purchase fewer plastic items.

  6. Use light bulbs with a long life. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by using energy-efficient light bulbs. When leaving the room, be sure to turn off the lights as well!

  7. Sow a tree. Trees produce air and food. They aid in energy conservation, air purification, and halting climate change.

  8. No chemicals should be put into our waters. Pick non-toxic chemicals for your house and workplace.

  9. Walk, catch public transport or ride a bike when practical. 

  10. Be kind always :)


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