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Upbeat and Positive



Editorial Submissions

Editorial contributions are welcome at Upbeat and Positive. Submissions must be 700 words or more in length, focused on subjects of relevance to our readers, and free of self-promotion. Authors are encouraged to submit a brief bio (two or three lines) about themselves and their work, which will be published at the end of the piece. Please cite sources using links rather than footnotes.

We reserve the right to rewrite captions and modify work, but only if significant changes are made after consulting with the author.

Note: SEO marketers seeking links back to their clients will not be replied to. 

Submissions should be sent to deb (at)


When I create a piece, I wonder about what fabulous person will end up wearing it. Some of my pieces are made partly from up-cycled items. These could be jewellery items that have broken or look outdated and I ustilise them in new hand-made designs. Any up-cycled item will have a note about it. Thank you for browsing and visiting this site.

I get my inspiration from Mother Earth.

The sale of jewellery funds the purpose of the website, which is to bring joy and happiness to all. xx

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Upbeat and Positive

Established in 2021 by Deb Carr who has been publishing online since 2004.

Upbeat and Positive is a feel-good website spreading messages of positivity. This website was created to inspire happiness and positivity in a world that is full of chaos. Upbeat and Positive covers a range of topics from nature, wellbeing, positivity, spiritual and even supernatural. There is no external advertising on this site and it is funded by the sale of the soulful jewellery that is handcrafted by myself. 


Thank you for visiting.  

Deb Carr
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