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Hello! Happy to have you here. I'm Deb Carr and I started Upbeat and Positive to give you useful advice and resources for living a more assured, happy, optimistic, and peaceful existence. I also share stories such as near death experiences, living a more spiritual life and even UFO's!

I am not the only writer on this blog, I do have contract staff and the sometimes a guest (no SEO companies please do not contact me for links and guest posts that are totally irrelevant to this website).

Some of the topics covered:


  • Realising your ambitions and desires

  • MindsetBuilding resilience and confidence 

  • Motivational quotes and stories

  • Reviews of the top books and tools for self-improvement and self growth

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Interviews with inspirational people

  • Spirituality including the after life and NDE's. 

  • Crystals

  • Jewellery 

  • People adnd lifestyle

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