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How to Find Happiness Within Yourself

Updated: Feb 1

how to find happiness

Do you feel like your happiness is never in your control? Or do you miss being your carefree and lighthearted self? Perhaps all you need to do is find happiness within yourself.

Don’t let the world trick you into believing that great things are always out of your reach.

We've all been taught that obtaining a good grade, landing a dream job, or becoming wealthy is a requirement for happiness. But what good is an ideal future if we put off being happy until later and wallow in our dissatisfaction now?

The world is your oyster, and you can become an expert in the practice of happiness.

No matter what life throws at you, you can feel upbeat and optimistic if you know how to cultivate inner happiness.

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1. Eliminate the Negative Self-Talk

If you’re not feeling as cheerful as you’d like, you’re probably dealing with some negative thinking patterns.

Before you can find inner happiness, you must figure out what is bringing you down.

The quality of your thoughts determines how you perceive yourself and the world. When you view everything with a skewed perspective, you are bound to feel discouraged. If you believe that you can’t find happiness, you won’t.

The idea is to eliminate any self-defeating beliefs you may possess.

When you engage in negative self-talk, it is likely that you will become a killjoy. You may find reasons to be miserable rather than to be glad when good fortune smiles on you.

Any thought pattern that limits your ability to have a hopeful outlook on life has to be trashed away.

2. Train Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

You have the power to program your mind with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are statements designed to change the way you think. You can think of them as tools that you consciously use to influence the subconscious in a positive manner.

Instead of relying on others for validation and emotional support, you can provide yourself with the encouragement and attention you need.

Positive affirmations help you realise you are self-sufficient.

Essentially, when you repeat affirmations, you create positive thought patterns. With this new way of thinking, you are able to look at problems and opportunities in a new light.

Put yourself in the practice of using these positive daily affirmations:

  • I choose to be happy, feel happy, and think happy thoughts.

  • I focus on what I can change. I let go of the rest.

  • I have a positive attitude and accept with an open heart everything that comes my way.

  • I am positive. I am loved. I am enough.

  • I start every day with gratitude and thanks.

  • Happiness is my friend, companion, and ally.

Experiment with positive daily affirmations for a week and see how your inner happiness begins to glow.

Why would you let your mind wander toward negative thoughts when you can use positive affirmations?

how to be happy within yourself

3. Savour Positive Experiences

When you take the time to cherish moments, you learn how to prolong your happy feelings.

Don’t postpone happiness, allow yourself to linger in the happiness of the moment.

Savouring is the act of being mindful of a positive personal experience. Instead of letting it go by, you give it the attention and appreciation it requires to bloom. In other words, you give positive experiences centre stage in your thoughts and give yourself time to fully absorb them.