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Finding Joy - Try Yours App For Mindfulness Practice

man meditating at home

I was hesitant to download Yours App when I first heard about it. I wasn't sure I wanted another app since I already have so many on my phone, not because it didn't seem interesting. See why I'm glad I did by reading on. I've always been interested in mindfulness and spirituality, and finding joy in meditation. The Yours App offers a wide selection of meditations, lovely music, and wellbeing counselling. The programme also includes features for managing anxiety, psychology, and sleep, as well as a mood tracker and breathing clocks (described in more detail later).

I rarely work with affiliates these days, so when I was asked to write a piece and promote Yours App, I gave it some thought. The app that I downloaded is still on my phone! I adore it. Aside from the tools that this app offers all in one location, the pricing is competitive. If you choose to buy Yours App, please use this code DEB55 to claim either 55% off the annual subscription or 10% if you want to pay monthly and cancel at any time (at the time of writing, the app costs $60 per year and $10 per month), so that's a significant savings for the first year.

How Your App Functions

An interactive programme, Yours App selects content made just for the user. A series of questions will be offered to you when you first start the app, and you can select from a number of wellness-related themes to tailor your experience. By doing this, you can save time by avoiding wasting it searching for irrelevant videos and music. With specially developed meditation routines, sleep stories, yoga activities, soundtracks, and more, Yours App provides a lovely online hideaway where you may spend time alone guilt-free. The audio and video quality of the app's features is excellent.

Counselling & Psychology

The developer of the app partnered with psychologists and mental health experts who provide guidance in succinct videos on topics including relationships, stress, and sleep. The most latest news, research, and analysis related to mental health are collected by Yours App. The contributors offer suggestions for daily living as well as intriguing topics for conversation and sharing with friends and family. Topics in my personalised app include:

  • Know your own mind

  • Creating connections

  • SOS Stress

  • Following COVID19

  • Optimal slumber

All of these was conveyed through thoughtful videos.

breathing to stay calm

Breathing Timer

One of my favourites on the app is this area. You simply need a short period of time to pause and select one of the breathing exercises that time your inhalation, hold, and exhalation. The breathing exercises have an immediate calming impact in addition to tranquil music, chimes, and indistinct natural sounds.

The breathing clocks are an excellent tool for improving mental clarity, bodily calmness, and physical vigour. The length and intensity of each of these seven breathing exercises can be adjusted, and they are timed. Sometimes we need to stand back and think about our breathing habits, especially under stressful situations. When to inhale, hold your breath, and exhale are all indicated by the breathing clock. These quick breath exercises are helpful to do once or twice a day or whenever you feel pressured or anxious.

Mood Evaluation

Based on your input for the mood of the day, the software provides a list of recommendations, which may include exercises, techniques for meditation, stories, advice, hints, music, and more. You can rely on and learn from this feature because it is impartial; you don't need to confide in anybody else. Although I'm not a huge believer of AI, I can see a use in keeping track of your moods. It is an honest way to examine my feelings and determine how I can better if I'm not feeling nearly as upbeat as normal.

Friendly to families

There isn't a more lovely gift than teaching your kids how to reduce stress through breathing and meditation. The programme contains meditations made especially for teenagers, children, and expecting or new mothers, as well as meditations for a variety of moods and goals. It also incorporates a variety of techniques, such as breathing exercises, movement meditation, and visualisation.

child practising yoga


This health software provides methods to encourage better sleep through the use of storytelling, meditation techniques, music, ambient soundscapes, nature sounds, and ASMR. When I can't sleep, I occasionally discover that meditating has the same health benefits as sleeping. I frequently wake up during the night, and listening to a sleep meditation helps me greatly when my mind is racing.

Meditation and mindfulness training programmes

One of this program's standout features is the meditation portion, which was created to help you manage anxiety and reduce stress. It features several hours of teaching in yoga and meditation from seasoned yogis. As a result, you can practise a range of ways to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. If I can't fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night, I use meditation. I unwind after that and go back to sleep. The shows last for 10 to 30 minutes.

I recently experienced a state of complete tranquilly during a meditation (not using this app), during which I felt my body merge with the cosmos as a whole. I'll discuss that in a later post. When you use the great skill of meditation, you can experience a wide range of wonderful health advantages.


When talking about mental health, we typically neglect physical health. But they do go hand in hand. To help you unwind and revitalise your body, the Yours App has a collection of hundreds of hours worth of yoga and simple workout videos.

listening to music

Music and Sounds

In the music section, there is a huge selection of peaceful music, including piano, ASMR, atmospheres, binaural, calming, and even classical piano. The feature provides music suggestions for work and study, children, exercise, meditation, and sleep.

To overcome insomnia and sleep more soundly each night, access hours of sleep stories. You can also listen to uplifting tales on LGBT+ issues, travel, mental health, classic literature, fairy tales and fantasy, and body image.

You may get the Yours app from Google Play or Apple here.



The Yours App is an excellent tool for helping us stay comfortable, focused, and unperturbed during periods of high stress. Let's face it; life on Earth has not been easy in recent years, and many of us have endured hardships of one kind or another. An inexpensive friend to get you through difficult days is an app like Yours App on your phone. This app, in my opinion, has a bright future.

As a marketing affiliate, Upbeat and Positive (aka Deb Carr) will receive a little financial advantage (commission) from any purchases you make through the links. However, using our website to shop won't increase your costs. Only our favourite pieces are the ones we recommend. Your help makes it possible to create more material. Appreciate it. When you've finished your free seven-day trial, please use the code DEB55 to redeem your discount.

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