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5 Indoor plants to green your space

5 Indoor plants to green your space

Do you ever get a sense of plant energy? The uplifting feeling you get when you are in a rainforest, for instance. Plants provide us with a sense of calm and happiness. Surrounding yourself in nature is a beautiful way to unwind. As it is not always possible for everyone to head into the woods or botanical garden, growing your plants indoors is a way of bringing nature to you and here are 5 indoor plants to green up your space.

Even if you don't think you can grow plants, with a little care and the right conditions, you can. Furthermore, it's a rewarding hobby. Plants require light, water, and fertiliser, as well as love and care. Yes, they can sense your energy in the same way that animals can.

You may simply green up your living space by choosing easy-to-grow plants and placing them in attractive containers.

Here are five plants that will add colour to your home.

croton  indoor plant


Also referred to as "Picasso's paintbrush." The lovely plant comes in a variety of colours, including red, green, copper, orange, yellow, pink, ivory, and brown. It's a lively plant with beautiful patterns. It might even flower if it's in the right position. They're a tropical plant that requires plenty of moisture and humidity, as well as bright indirect light. Check to see if the potting soil is well-drained. Croton is a plant that can be grown indoors.

growing basil indoors


Basil has an intoxicating aroma that is hard to resist. It's an easy-to-grow culinary herb that may be cultivated indoors, on balconies, or in the garden. Basil's smell repels mosquitoes and flies, so plant plenty of it to keep them away. Mist your Basil regularly and position it in direct sunshine to keep it happy. Basil is an annual plant and needs replacing once it has died back. It's easy to cultivate seeds from Basil once the flowers dry. Because basil seeds are minute, collecting the seeds is rather tedious. The most uncomplicated strategy is to rub the brown flowers between your thumb and index finger until the seeds separate into your hand. Then you can sow them in Spring/Summer.

Aloe Vera indoors


The Aloe Vera plant's fingers create a cooling gel that may be applied straight to the skin and is known for its therapeutic capabilities. The Aloe Vera plant can help with mild burns, scrapes, and cuts. The anti-inflammatory qualities of aloe vera juice make it popular.

Aloe Vera is a plant that can be cultivated inside, on a balcony, or in a yard. It is simple to spread. Allow this plant to completely dry out between waterings; it requires bright light and gravelly soil or potting mix.

growing ivy indoors


This lovely evergreen plant is ideal for hanging from the ceiling or displaying on a shelf, and it collects undesired particles in the air. English Ivy is used to reduce air pollution in many cities, and you may see it growing on the living garden walls of high-rise buildings. Ivy is a simple plant to grow, preferring most soil types, partial light, and well-draining soil.

indoor cactus


Cactus are one of the easiest plants to cultivate if you nurture them in the right conditions. They require warmth in order to develop blossoms. The Christmas Cactus blooms in the winter, which is unusual for these desert-adapted plants. The blooming in the dead of winter will put a smile on your face. To keep this plant content, add some sand to the potting mix.

There are many beautiful plants you can grow indoors to green up your space and bring a little nature to your home.