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Create a Tropical Garden at Home in Australia

Create A Tropical Garden In Your Own Backyard

Even if you have a small yard or only a balcony, you can still design a tropical landscape. The following instructions will show you how to create a jungle in your house if, like me, you frequently day-dream about being in a tropical rainforest due to the tranquility it brings.

Diverse leaf textures and colours are needed to create a peaceful, foreign garden atmosphere. It will come together with the help of big, bold foliage, extravagant blooms, and decorations. For the best results, group plants with various leaf forms together and use variegated foliage to break up green compositions.

Taking Care of Your Tropical Garden

Dig a lot of compost or well-rotted manure into the soil to maintain your tropical plants looking their best. By keeping the earth moist, organic matter will keep your large-leafed plants healthy. In the spring and summer, compost or cow manure is a great addition to the yard.

create a tropical garden australia

To keep plant roots cool and maintain moisture, mulch the area around the plants with composted leaves, lucerne hay, or pea straw, topping up as necessary. Tropical plants require water, and I've found that my plants enjoy it if I have a hose with a mister on the spray gun.

Create an Indoor Tropical Paradise

Don't let the lack of a yard or balcony prevent you from building a tropical paradise. The solution is a room filled with orchids and exotic vegetation. 

Layer Your Plants

Be liberal with your planting to create a lush appearance because tropical plants are dense. For the best results, group plants with various leaf forms together and use variegated foliage to break up green compositions.

Start with a bigger canopy of palms and trees, which will create a warm microclimate and offer protection and shade for the lower plants. The middle layer is made up of shrubs and tall perennials, while the ground is covered with a diversity of leaf shapes and colours from low-growing plants.

create a tropical garden in australia

Use a wide variety of textures, shapes and colours. Most rainforests are green. However, it is not unusual to find colourful fungi and plants.

Any tree in the high canopy can be used with palms, towering tree ferns, and tall shrubs.

Suggested Plants For The Top And Middle Layer

pink frangipani

  • Banana tree (top)

  • Golden cane palm (top)

  • Kentia palm (top)

  • Majestic palm (top)

  • Alexandra palm (top)

  • Frangipani (top)

  • Lilly pilly (top)

  • Ivy (on walls and ground)

  • Canna Lily (middle)

  • Hibiscus (middle)

  • Exoctic colourful plants (middle and ground)

  • Clustered parlour palm (middle)

  • Elephants ear (middle)

  • Blue ginger (middle)

  • Lady's palm (middle)

  • Ivy (ground)

  • Orchids (ground)

  • Bromeliads (ground)

  • Ferns (ground)