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The Portal Movie

When Tom Cronin touched base with me recently to share his news that the movie he produced, The Portal, was finally released, I was delighted.

Years ago, Tom, and I met for lunch in Martin Place, Sydney, and connected on a spiritual level. I remember looking into Tom's eyes, and it was as if I was looking into his soul. It is hard to explain, and I've only met a handful of people in my life that I've had the same experience. Tom's calmness is a testament to what he teaches others; being mindful and meditating for a happier life. Tom is the perfect example of a person living his life purpose.

Fast Forward 2021 and Life is Has Changed

We are all living in extraordinary times. A world full of hatred, greed, COVID, war and the list goes on. Something has to change. Let's face it, the world's problems are all made by man! Yes, we are responsible for everything wrong on this planet, except for natural disasters out of our control. Or are they? Maybe we can repair our mistakes?

The Portal MovieThe Portal Movie

What if meditation could fix things up? Is this a feasible thought or just airy-fairy hogwash?

Enter: The Portal

Tom Cronin's move, The Portal, was inspired by The Secret. The Secret inspired Tom to make a movie with a similar concept that showcased personal stories of the powerful transformation meditation can bring.

The Secret was one of the first films to bring esoteric topics to the world. The documentary was mind-changing for me when I first watched it in 2007. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, our minds are powerful tools that can influence our reality. Remember when you were in a bad mood. Did everything flow beautifully for you, or do you remember experiencing one setback after another?

On the other hand, remember when you were in a great mood. Did more good things come your way? In my experience, bad attitudes cause things to go wrong, and good spirits are rewarding.

The Portal MovieThe Portal Movie

The good news is that using mindfulness and meditation can bring us profound peace, and give us clarity and direction.

Like The Secret, my copy of The Portal (affiliate link) will be a documentary I will watch many times. The Portal is an inspirational Australian produced documentary that follows the lives of six people and their personal experience with mindfulness. Watching this movie, you will witness how it transformed their lives and helped some of them through tough challenges. Like me, you may feel a range of emotions as it brings home that life is full of drama and challenges, and all of us participating on this planet will deal with challenges some time or another. It also brings us hope for a friendlier future.


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