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How to Stay Upbeat and Positive

how to stay upbeat and positive

Positive thinking isn't a cure-all, and it won't solve all of your problems. It will make challenges appear more manageable and assist you in approaching difficulties in a more positive and productive manner.

Concentrate on the positive aspects of life

Life is full of challenging events and hurdles. When confronted with one, focus on the positive aspects, no matter how minor or inconsequential they may appear. Even if it's not immediately apparent, you can always discover the proverbial silver lining in every cloud if you look for it.  For example, if you had your heart set on meeting and friend, and they can't make it, rather than feel down, take the opportunity to catch up on something else. 

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Be grateful

Even in the face of adversity, thankfulness has been demonstrated to reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and develop resilience. Consider the people, moments, or things that provide you joy or comfort, and try to express your thanks at least once a day. For example, be grateful for your pet, your job, work, your health and the kindness that others offer you. 

Maintain a gratitude notebook

Writing down what you're grateful for, according to might boost your optimism and sense of well-being. You can do this by keeping a thankfulness notebook or making a list of things you're grateful for on days when you're having a difficult time. Or you can look up at the ceiling as soon as you wake up and say thanks for having another day to create, then say thanks to five people/things in your life that make you happy. 

Allow yourself to be amused

Laughter can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness in studies. It also boosts self-esteem, happiness, and coping skills.

Allow yourself to laugh and be open to comedy in all situations, including the unpleasant ones. It quickly brightens the mood and makes things appear less challenging. Even if you're not in the mood to laugh, pretending or pushing yourself to do so will help you feel better and reduce stress. Personally, I have found humour in many things during the Covid Era, despite the graveness of the situation. 

how to stay upbeat and positive

Spend time with folks who are upbeat

Both negativity and happiness can be contagious. Consider who you're spending your time with and the vibes they are putting out. Have you ever noticed how a bad attitude can send practically everyone in a room down? Others are affected contrarily by a positive person.

Being in the company of positive people has been found to boost self-esteem and increase the likelihood of achieving goals. Surround yourself with individuals who will encourage you and assist you in seeing the positive side of things.

Make positive self-talk a habit

We tend to be the harshest on ourselves and our harshest critics. This might lead to a negative self-perception that is difficult to overcome over time. To prevent this, pay attention to the voice in your head and respond with positive messages, often known as positive self-talk.

Consider the following example of positive self-talk: Instead of thinking to yourself, "I really screwed it up," consider to yourself, "I'll try it again with a new approach".

Recognise the sources of your negativity

Examine the various aspects of your life and determine which ones you tend to be the most negative about. Are you unsure? Consult a trusted friend or coworker. They'll almost certainly be able to provide some information. A coworker may notice that you are a pessimist at work. It's possible that your partner has noticed that you are particularly pessimistic while watching the news. If you recognise a source of negativity, try eliminating it from your life.

Every day should begin with a pleasant tone

Make it a habit to begin each day with something cheerful and encouraging. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tell yourself it's going to be a terrific day or something else optimistic

  • Play a pleasant and upbeat song or playlist

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast

  • Drink a warm glass of water with fresh lemon

  • Tell your family you love them, tell your dog the same thing

  • Read affirmations

  • Don't grab your phone as soon as you wake up

  • Say a prayer or psalm

  • Stretch or do some yoga

Negativity doesn't have to be in your life; there are ways to combat it and stay upbeat and positive.

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