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52 Positive Self Talk Quotes to Get You Through the Year

52 Positive Self Talk to Get You Through the Year

Most people are aware that positive self talk is a form of affirmation. When we give ourselves praise and encouragement we send a message to the Universe that we are deserving of good things, we have courage to get through hard times and that we love ourselves in a positive way.

On that note here are 52 positive self talk quotes to get you through the year. Repeat each for one week at a time.

Week 1 - My potential has no boundaries
Week 2 - I measure my success by my determination and perseverance
Week 3 - My bravery and courage roar, I can handle challenges that are thrown to me in life

Week 4 - Every problem has solutions and lessons
Week 5 - I am perfect
Week 6 - I have the ability to alter my mindset
Week 7 - I'm free to change my opinion at any time
Week 8 -It required courage for me to try, and I'm proud of myself for doing so

Week 9 - I accept myself as I am because I like me
Week 10 - Fear is merely a sensation; it has no power over me
Week 11 - I forgive myself for any faults I've made in the past
Week 12 - Despite the fact that the ending was not what I had hoped for, I learned a lot about myself


Week 13 - I am a deserving individual
Week 14 - I have a variety of characteristics, skills, and abilities that distinguish me from others
Week 15 - I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of how far I've come so far
Week 16 - I am capable and strong, and I will overcome this obstacle


Week 17 - I have faith in myself
Week 18 - Tomorrow is another chance to try again, this time with the knowledge gained today
Week 19 - I'll give it everything I've got to make this work


Week 20 - I have no influence over what others think, say, or do. Only I have control over myself
Week 21 -This is a chance for me to attempt something different.
Week 22 - I can improve as a person by learning from this scenario
Week 23 - I have the power to realise my ambitions


Week 24 - I'm proud of myself for even attempting it
Week 25 - I'm free to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday
Week 26 - When I'm done, I'll be able to empower, assist, and encourage others
Week 27 - I can get through this using my strengths (name a few!)
Week 28 - I have achieved a lot in my life (name a few achievements)
Week 29 - I stay positive and strong even when I feel my world is falling apart


Week 30 - I can achieve my goals if I stay focused and take baby steps
Week 31 - What others think about me is none of my business
Week 32 - In one year's time I will be (insert your goal here)
Week 33 - Life goes by fast and I intend to make the most of every second of it
Week 34 - When I'm positive I help others to be positive
Week 35 - My biggest challenge was (fill in the gap) and I am proud of how I survived


Week 36 - I do not let others dictate what is right for me. I make up my own mind
Week 37 - Gossip is unkind and I choose never to partake in that behaviour
Week 38 - When my mind wanders into negativity I quickly flip the thought to something positive
Week 39 - I am amazing
Week 40 - My life is glorious