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Women's Meditation Network Podcast

Katie Krimitsos

Katie Krimitsos founded the Women's Meditation Network in 2018 with an insatiable desire to provide more significant serenity and mindfulness to women all over the world - and to develop a business that would allow her to work from home and spend more time with her two daughters. It's grown to be one of the world's largest meditation podcasts in just three and a half years. To commemorate Women's History Month, Krimitsos has announced the introduction of three new podcasts: Ambient Sounds & ASMR in March, Morning Affirmations in April, and Daily Quotes in May.

The announcement comes as she kicked in 2022 by launching Water & Nature Sounds, bringing her network's total number of podcasts to FIVE. Krimitsos started the network when pregnant with her second child in 2018. Krimitsos debuted on the podcasting market in February 2014, with the highly successful "Biz Women Rock," which she hosted for six years.

Over 40 million people have listened to Krimitsos' meditations.

Meditations are broadcast to a global audience from a closet in Krimitsos' Tampa home, where she works and lives with her husband and two young daughters.

She explained, "I record there because the acoustics are excellent." "I'm often recording late at night after the girls have gone to bed, and my husband, Chris, is so supportive that he leaves the house so I can record these little love poems I write and then speak into a guided meditation that will help women all over the world sleep, find more calm, and connect deeper with themselves."

As COVID-19 raged in April of 2020, the Women's Meditation Network took off, as more and more women needed a soothing voice to help quiet their minds and concerns.

Katie Krimitsos

She launched Sleep Meditation for Women four months later, in mid-2020, and Morning Meditation for Women four months later, in January 2021.

Krimitsos credits the community around PodfestTM Multimedia Expo, an annual conference in Orlando that is expected to attract 3,000 people this May, for her success and support.

Krimitsos is looking to hire additional female voice talent and authors as her network grows, in order to reach more women all across the world during these trying times.

Krimitsos was a keynote speaker at the first-ever She Podcasts conference (2019) in Atlanta, demonstrating her commitment to female empowerment.


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