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Ways to Increase My Motivation

ways to increase my motivation

It is easy to lose motivation when the world seems bonkers. At the time of writing, Mid 2022, the world is going through extraordinary dark times, and personally, I've let it affect my motivation. There were a few weeks when I felt totally bleak and unmotivated. However, I know ways to increase my motivation which I outline below. If it works for me, these tips will likely work for you too.

Get moving

Physical exercise has always been my number one go-to when feeling unmotivated or stressed. It is scientifically proven that exercise helps people with motivation and uplifts moods. In fact, I recently joined a gym, and my motivation came back instantly after my first session with my Personal Trainer. I'm not kidding!

Nothing beats exercise when it comes to mental clarity. If you can't go to the gym, use YouTube to find home training videos or fitness classes.

The bottom line is that there are many enjoyable ways to stay in shape and release endorphins, which can assist you in learning how to enhance motivation.

Declare to yourself that you're going to start over.

Although January 1 is a favourable date for making new commitments, it isn't significantly better than right now! The trick is to put your failures behind you and move on to a bigger picture.

So, devise a new beginning if you are going through a breakup or another life-changing occasion. It'll be more convincing than you think.

Write down what you are going to change

If you want to start a new business, for example, and have been procrastinating, you could write something like this:

"I've been putting this off for far too long; now is the moment to start the business I've always wanted to start." I'll take it slowly as a side project and see where it takes me. I'm going to make things happen today."

The trick is to believe it will happen and put baby step goals to get you there. Try journaling as well.

Simplify to boost motivation.

It is possible to simplify your life by arranging it creatively.

Delegating and removing things that don't motivate or excite you ensures that you get the most out of your time and that your energy is focused on reaching your objectives.

It's challenging to stay motivated when your mind is clogged with all the projects and chores you need to complete. By doing less, you can turn complication into simplicity. You can boost your motivation by doing less and focusing on what you enjoy. Be ruthless with your to-do list. I work with two lists; one is the few tasks I must get done today, and the other is a brain dump of whatever else is on my mind that I believe I need to do.

Your life will become more concentrated if you do this. Enhanced motivation is a result of increased attentiveness.

Combine your tasks

Combining tasks is one way to go about it. Consider two activities you'd like to do and how you could combine them into one.

Rather than accomplishing one job one day and the next, it becomes a targeted blitz to do a large number of small tasks simultaneously. You could even dedicate a day or half-day to ploughing through those small tasks hanging over your head.

This helps enhance motivation by freeing time and giving a sense of success.

Develop a positive mindset

Positive thinking and attitude development are not one-time events. It is critical to learn to think positively and to put it into practice regularly to achieve success. Great attitudes allow us to not only tackle obstacles head-on, achieve our goals, and go further, but they also allow us to share good humour, positive feelings, and relaxation with our coworkers, friends, and family.

One of my favourite ways to change my mindset is to do what I call 'flip thought', so if I'm worrying about something, I think the opposite. Or, if I'm not motivated and sitting down feeling sorry for myself, I jump up and do something rather than waste time procrastinating or feeling down.

Imagine yourself in the future

Consider how your life will be in ten years. Are you a winner? Do you have a fantastic job that you enjoy? Are you lucky enough to live in the loveliest city on the planet?

Consider your options for getting there. Write down small goals every day. I journal every morning; I write down my gratitude list, long-term goals, baby steps, to-do list and an affirmation.

visualise your future

Visualising your future self has been found to boost motivation.

Close your eyes the next time you're faced with a challenging task and visualise how you want your life to be. Then accept that you must complete the job to live the life you desire.

Visualising your future is what many call The Law of Attraction. Now I'm not saying you can meditate daily, and bingo, you just won the lottery! What I believe is positive energy creates positive opportunities. Let's face it, when we are in a dark space, have you ever noticed how the day keeps getting worse? What a waste of energy that is when we could do the exact opposite and make the day improve.

So what are you waiting for? Say no to procrastinating; life is too short to miss out on great things.