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Simply Be More - Inspiration From Drawings and Affirmations

International flautist Clare Langan has performed for a variety of audiences all across the world, using her communication talents to connect with them. She has spent her entire life pursuing her love of music, yet she has felt called to write a book on a consistent basis. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Clare.


Clare was able to finish "Living Each Day the Fortune Cookie Way" while working at Covid 19, and it was this book that gave rise to the concept for "Simply Be More." The underlying message of the book is that where we are going in life is more significant than where we have been.

simply be more by clare langan

Clare was forced to step outside of her comfort zone drawing and adding affirmations by creating Simply Be More.

Simply Be More Clare Langdon

Simply Be More is a remarkable accomplishment considering she hasn't sketched since she was thirteen.

Where did the ideas come from? from years of reading self-help books and seeking a spiritual existence.

simply be more by clare langan

They were the salve that healed her and gave her the ability to adjust to the year 2020. They materialised during one of her runs, in a dream, on the morning pages, or out of nowhere. Clare has seen via the drawings and affirmations how lessons may be found everywhere. Every glimpse teaches us something if we only pay attention to what the world is saying, listen, and look with our hearts.

With the help of these images, you should be able to more easily hear your soul's nudges and begin employing affirmations.

simply be more by clare langan