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Rajan Shankara - Everything Is Your Fault

I had the opportunity of speaking with Rajan Shankara about his life as a monk and his new book, Everything is Your Fault, through Zoom today. During our chat, I discovered that living in a monastery for 12 years is not what I had envisioned. You'll see what I mean if you watch the video below. I also discovered that deep meditation may be experienced in 60 seconds, despite my prior belief that it required hours of practise. But it's not that simple!

Visit Ranjan's website, which contains a plethora of information, read his book "Everything is Your Fault," or attend one of his coaching sessions if you're interested in learning more about meditation and leading a more peaceful and meaningful life.


Since 2010, Rajan Shankara has coached thousands of people on relationships, philosophy, meditation, self-development, and character.

Rajan Shankara left the world at 19 years old to become a monk and study his mind, find out what meaning and purpose was, and if meditation could take him to higher states of consciousness. Having lived as a monk for 12 years, he is now back in society as a world-yogi to teach others how to control their mind, body, and emotions.

Rajan was trained for seven years in monastery landscaping, construction, electrics, carpentry, office work, and vehicle maintenance. During this period of his life, 2007-2014, Rajan went through exhausting measures of self-development, and the deep study and practice of Raja Yoga.

He spent another five years in the monastery office learning clerical skills, travel management and coordination, team leadership, editing, writing, and publishing - and being a part of the Hinduism Today international magazine team of senior monks and managing 16 pages.

From 2014-2018, Rajan began advanced yogi training and studied under the most senior monks in the monastery. As a result, he became a mentor to several hundred people worldwide and helped restore balance in their lives. This was a period of intense inner training to master meditation, intense outer training to master fitness and diet, and the mind by studying history, psychology, military leadership, theology, philosophy, and the priestly arts of Hindu Agamic ritual.

After 12 enlightening years, Rajan Shankara left the monastery with his guru's blessings. Rajan's wish was to teach others what he has learned about the mind, meditation, ego, and soul. He is currently a meditation guide, award-winning writer, author of four books, self-development mentor, fitness and health expert, and business owner in California.

Everything is your fault is available from and from wherever books are sold.


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