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Positivity For The Day During February


This month, our emphasis is on positivity for the day, which includes taking initiative to reach your goals. Each day, return here to remind yourself of the steps you may take to have a more fulfilling life and accomplish your goals.

February 1

Plan Your Month

When I plan. I achieve.

Today is the start of the new month, so what better time to write out your goals for the month? First, write 2-3 significant goals. Something like "I will lose 1kg this month" or whatever it is you are trying to achieve. This goal could be a stepping stone to a yearly go, for example, if your goal is to enter a fitness competition.

Once you have written out your significant goals, write or type a list with every day of the month and commit to doing something positive that will lead you to achieve your goal by the end of February.

February 2

February 3

February 4