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How To Stop Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

When we repeat negative and repetitive thoughts, we repeat thoughts that stick in our past and offer nothing valuable. There is no new wisdom, positive advice, promises and certainly absolutely no potential. Old negative beliefs are like a recorder player on a loop and only remind us of sadness, grief, fear and worry. They do not offer anything for us going forward and certainly won't help us live our vibes.

By the way, I now refer to the Law of Attraction as the Law of Vibes because the vibes attract us, either good or bad experiences.

Going back to that broken record of negative stuck thoughts. You can repeat as much as you like, but you have already received the message, haven't you? Indeed, you have because your mind hasn't shut up about them.

So let's say your repeating negative thought is "not enough money", "I can't pay my bills", "I am fat", blah blah blah. So what can you do about it?

Change the chapter of the book and move on to a brighter one! For instance, instead of worrying about paying the bills, put yourself in a place of thinking that the money is there already, even if it is not! Because the more you fear not having it, the more you won't.

You are a divine sovereign being, and your birthright is to be happy and co-create your place on planet Earth.

Life is to short to be worrying.

So let's flip some thoughts.



I don't have enough money to buy that

I prefer to buy that at a later date

​I am overweight

My goal is to be XXkg by (date)

I can't forgive him/her

The past can't be undone, I have moved on

I wish I had what they had

They look happy, good on them

I should never have done that

I love how life gives me so many lessons to become a better person. I forgive myself

What if I get kicked out of my rental apartment

I love living here, I look after the place like my own. The landlord has a great tenant with me

​I'm jealous of ......

I focus on achieving.....

Why can't I be rich?

I can be rich

I hate my job

I am making changes to my life and finding a new job (or starting a side hustle)