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How to feel more happy and positive (stop reading the news)

How to be more happy and positive

Today I'm writing about how to switch off from the news. Without a doubt, the amount of fear-mongering from newspapers and television has been nothing more than depressing. We constantly hear about famine, disease, and global warming. But, when we continuously listen to this negativity, it puts fear into us. Fear is the opposite of love, and what happens to us when we are vibrating at a certain energy level? We get what we are feeling, whether that is good or bad.

You might ask me, well, Deb, how do people know what is going on without listening to or reading the news? Most of it, you don't need to know anyway. Does it matter what Kim Kardashian wore last night? As many news outlets do, you need to know about other people's lives, especially when gossiping or bringing people down. Believe me, if something significant happens in the world, you will hear about it from family and friends. So I invite you to turn it all off and concentrate on doing good on this planet.

Here is what could happen if you turn off the news:

You will feel better! Next time you turn on the news, count how much negativity it is? People pay more attention to fear stories, and the information isn't there to improve your life; it is there to make money for the elite owners.

You will get more done! That's right, rather than wasting time reading papers or watching TV, you could be doing something far more productive. Besides, all that negativity is demoralising.

If you find it hard not to watch the news, skim the headlines and read only the stories that are not fear-mongering. And, whatever you do, don't start commenting online; it won't do you any good.

How to cut back on the news

Terminate your subscriptions - it will save you some money as well.

Unfollow political or news-related Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitter users. I joined many social media pages when the tyranny was at its peak, but I realised the negativity was overwhelming. So I stopped interacting.

Unfriend (or unfollow) your friends who are always discussing politics or the news. Most of the time, you probably haven't seen these people in a long time. Not even unfriending them is necessary. Select the "unfollow" option to stop seeing their trash in your newsfeed.

Delete all of your emails. Most of us have subscribed to various newsletters throughout the years, many of which may now be permeating our everyday consciousness. Spend a few minutes each day cancelling your subscriptions to all of these. Your email will soon be blissfully devoid of news. Editors' Note: I often highlight every email in my inbox and delete the lot! I figure it's important people will follow me up. It is bliss!

Ignore social media entirely. While social media undoubtedly has benefits and has contributed to the world, most social media sites have more drawbacks than advantages. People are increasingly using social media to expose their political views and imposing their thoughts onto others.

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