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How To Discover Your Spirit Animal Totem

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In some Indigenous traditions, a spirit animal is a being that aids in guiding or defending a person on a particular trip. You might make a connection with yours through the face of an animal that you are familiar with. They can show themselves to us in whatever manner we are willing to see them.

So how do you discover your Spirit Animal Totem?


Because our dreams are so closely related to our waking existence, make a note of any animals you see in them the next morning. Is there one species in particular that keeps coming up? For me, it's often a snake and I do love snakes, despite some people being terrified of them.

Take Note of Any Animal Encounters

Have you ever encountered the same species more than once in your life? You might have seen a specific species on TV, in the wild, or even overheard someone talking about it.

spirit animal totem

These are all indications that your animal spirit is present. Your animal guide could be an animal you frequently see nearby your home. When I moved to my current location I came across dingoes, and still do. I also became extremely fond of them, however also cautious as they are a wild animal. I do believe the Dingo and Snake are my totems.

Connect With Nature

Finding out what your animal totem is can be done by going for a stroll outside and watching the animals that are present.

Get comfortable and ask Mother Earth, "What is my animal totem?" the next time you're in a park or hiking a path. When you really concentrate on connecting, your animal totem will become clear to you. The earth offers deeper connections to your human experience.

Disconnect from technology at all times, and when you do, pay careful attention to the environment. Don't neglect to keep an eye out for aquatic creatures, birds, and insects. One of these animals may very well be your animal symbol.


Even if you have never meditated before, meditation is a way to discover your animal totem. What comes into your mind when you pause your thinking for a while? Apart from discovering your spirit animal if you work on it, meditation has many health benefits.

Oracle Cards

Do you own a pack of oracle cards? If not, they are a great way to guide you. There are many cards on the market, and many of them have animals featured in them. One way to discover is to shuffle the cards, and pull one. If a certain animal keeps appearing then that could be your spirit animal. When shuffling the cards, ask them to reveal your spirit animal. Split the cards into three piles then run your hand over the piles and when you feel 'energy' choose that pile. I then go through my cards one by one and when I feel energy, that's my card. By energy I mean I physically feel it - like tingling up my spine.

Working With Your Spirit Animal

Working with your spirit animal helps you access the strength you most urgently require at any given time. This can help you feel more grounded, give you the courage to ask for assistance when you need it, or give you confidence. Most importantly, it can make you feel more proactive, self-assured, and encouraged.

  • To communicate with your spirit animal, dress in their colours and patterns. Wearing leopard print for instance if your animal is a leopard, or you could wear the colours of your spirit animal.

  • Wear a pin or wear clothing with an image of the animal spirit guide on it to honour and keep the presence of your animal spirit guide active in your thoughts. Keep images, pictures, and/or statues on exhibit in your home and/or on your altar.

  • Work with your animal spirit guide when conducting oracle, tarot, or divination readings for yourself or others enlist their help when you require their particular energy or knowledge for a task, circumstance, or problem converse with your animal spirit guide frequently about both the good and the bad aspects of your day to maintain a strong psychic connection and energetic bond and ask your animal spirit guide for guidance or advice when necessary.

  • If you come across your spirit animal in nature, books, photos, videos etc stop and think if there is a message for you - is your totem animal trying to tell you something?


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