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Proof of Life After Death: Exploring Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, and More

Life after death

Life after death has been a topic of intrigue and debate for centuries and a subject I have pondered since childhood. Different cultures, religions, and philosophies have their interpretations about what happens to us after we die. However, scientific studies and personal accounts have provided fascinating insights into this age-old question in recent years. This blog post will delve into some compelling phenomena such as out-of-body experiences (OBE), near-death experiences (NDE), deathbed visions, and the role of mediums in providing potential proof of life after death. All of which I have experienced personally.

Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)

An out-of-body experience is a phenomenon in which individuals report experiencing the world from a location outside their physical bodies. This sensation can occur spontaneously or through practices like meditation or hallucinogens. Some people have reported OBEs during sleep or near-death experiences. My out of body experiences have left me no doubt we are more than our flesh and bones. 

Many who have experienced an OBE describe it as a moment when they could see their body from an external perspective, often floating above it. They recount being able to observe events around them accurately—an assertion sometimes verified by third parties present during the incident.

While sceptics argue that OBEs are merely hallucinations triggered by specific brain activity, these experiences remain a compelling argument for consciousness existing independently from our physical bodies - potentially suggesting life beyond death. And sceptics who have not had such an experience don't have a clue. 

Life after death

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

Near-death experiences are another phenomenon often cited as evidence for life after death. These are profound psychological events that typically occur in people close to death but can also happen under extreme physical or emotional stress.

Common elements reported during NDEs include:

  • Feelings of peace and detachment from the body.

  • Moving through a tunnel towards the light.

  • Encountering deceased loved ones or spiritual beings.

  • Reviewing one's life.

Some individuals even report gaining knowledge about the nature of the Universe or their purpose in life, myself included. When I had an NDE during an operation many years ago, I was given the answers to every question about the Universe and existence but informed that when I came back to my body, I would remember the experience. Still, I would not be allowed to remember what I learned; otherwise, I could not fulfil my mission here.

While some scientists attribute NDEs to physiological changes in a stressed or dying brain, others argue that these experiences provide evidence of consciousness surviving physical death. The consistency of NDE reports across cultures and ages adds weight to this argument. For thousands of written testimonials on NDE, you can also visit the NDERF website and read my NDE report on that site.

Death Bed Visions

Death bed visions are another intriguing phenomenon associated with the end of life. These are visions or hallucinations experienced by individuals shortly before death, often involving visits from deceased loved ones or spiritual beings.

These visions typically comfort and calm the dying individual, often helping them transition peacefully. The universality of deathbed visions across different cultures and religions is fascinating and suggests a common human experience as we approach death.

While sceptics may attribute these visions to medication effects or the brain's response to impending death, many believe they provide a glimpse into what awaits us beyond life. Minutes before my mother passed away in 2015, she opened her eyes after being in a coma for two days; she looked at my father, my brother, my sister-in-law and finally at me. Her eyes spoke to us, and we all knew she was saying goodbye. Then she looked up into the corner of the ceiling and took her final breath. 

Mediums: Bridging the Gap Between Life and Death

Mediums are individuals who claim to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. They have been part of human culture for centuries, providing comfort and closure for those grieving a loss. While there is much scepticism around mediums due to fraudulent practices, several cases suggest genuine communication with the deceased. Here is my own experience. A few years after my brother took his life, I had a reading with a medium over the phone. This man did not know anything about me or my brother. He started to talk about things that perplexed me because he was stating facts about my brother. During the reading, he said these exact words: "Your brother wants you to know he loves the tattoo; he loves the tattoo of the feather". I had a feather tattooed on my lower back three weeks before this reading in memory of my brother Gary. 

Scientific studies on mediums have yielded mixed results. However, some experiments have shown that mediums provide accurate information about deceased individuals they could not have known otherwise. These instances suggest the possibility of consciousness surviving physical death and being able to communicate with the living.

Finally, A Glimpse Beyond

While none of these phenomena conclusively proves life after death, they challenge our understanding of consciousness and its relationship with our physical bodies. They suggest that there might be more to our existence than we perceive in our day-to-day lives—perhaps even an existence beyond physical death.

Whether you view these experiences as proof of life after death or merely fascinating psychological phenomena, they undoubtedly add depth to our understanding of human consciousness and its potential capabilities. As we continue to explore these mysteries, we may eventually uncover the truth about what awaits us beyond life. For me, though, I've had far too many experiences to convince me that our soul survives and we are only on this beautiful planet for a short time before eternity in another realm awaits us.