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How to Be Happy Living Alone in Your Mature Years

Do you fear being alone at home? Do you ever consider whether you would be content to live independently? Is it so frightening, especially as you age? No, it's not! Well according to me anyway.

I've lived alone for almost fifteen years (by choice) and wouldn't change anything.

This post is not about feeling lonely but rather about living alone and being happy. I'm quite sure it was in my soul contract to experience this, and don't get me wrong, I'm happy and have no intention of finding another partner.

mature woman hiking
Me on many of my solo bushwalks

When I was trying to heal from a broken heart years ago, a coworker advised me to fall in love with myself since that is when happiness will come to you. I wasn't sure what he was getting at the moment. Now I do. I was seeking happiness outside of myself. When my excitement was inside me the entire time.

Many people think it would be depressing to live by oneself. It isn't! I should note that I'm now in my early 60s, so my thoughts might not be as relevant to younger individuals who still yearn to start a family. I have already had a family.

I enjoy living alone since I have no one to answer to. I have the freedom to do anything I want, whenever I want. I don't have to cook at certain times, clean up after someone else, or watch TV programmes that don't appeal to me. Living alone makes me happy, even though it may sound egotistical.

Have I always felt this way? Of course not. I yearned for the security of having a full-time companion live with me for a very long time. But I conceded that I was content to live alone. It allows me to be so liberated. People have questioned me about it and even appeared to feel sorry when they see that I spend most of my nights alone without comprehending that this is my choice. I'm more than content to join in a dinner party, go out with married friends, with just me! I'm happy to go out to a cafe or restaurant with just me!

Here are some of my suggestions for a single happy life in your mature years

basil and lemon
Basil on my kitchen bench

Your home is your sanctuary

That means you shouldn't isolate yourself, live in a home, and ignore the outside world. Open the doors and drapes, and cultivate plants in the yard, windowsill, or balcony. Put your decorating skills to work and create a sanctuary in your house. Using diffusers and essential oils keeps your home smelling wonderful, light candles and create a magnificent garden, even if you live in a unit. Even if you rent, make your home a special place and enjoy it tremendously.

Invite people to your sanctuary

Throw dinner parties, tea parties in the afternoon, and fundraising events. Invite guests over; this will give your home a welcoming atmosphere and the impression that it is a place of love.

If you have pets, you can never be alone

In my situation, I have goldfish and an abundance of local birds that keep me company. In addition, I occasionally host Bundy, my daughter's dog. I'm in an apartment with lots of stairs so I choose not to have a dog of my own.

Border collie on bed


Always check the doors and windows before bed to ensure your home is secure for your peace of mind, especially at night. However, if you tend to get anxious, you could always leave a light on, keep your phone close to your bed, set the alarm, and—like my late dad has always done—have a hurling stick by your bed.

Not that long ago, I woke up to discover my flys screen and sliding door were ajar. I also place a dowel stick in my sliding door so it can't be opened from outside, I knew I had shut the door tight and the fly screen because it is a nightly habit of mine. On this morning they were both open, and luckily the dowel had prevented it being accessible to enter the apartment. I also live on the first floor so I have no idea how someone got up here. Be vigilant is the moral of this story!

Become a handy person

I've had to learn how to fix many things on my own, and every time I do, I feel immensely proud of myself. I've taught myself how to assemble furniture, repair leaks, construct flower beds, and more. Yes, I've had to go back and redo a lot of my work because I did it incorrectly, but once you learn from your errors, you don't repeat them.

Mt yacaaba Hawks Nest
I climbed the top of Mt Yacaaba (alone) and took this beautiful photo

There is always something to do

As a blogger, I'm constantly writing and editing. As a website designer I'm always creating a new website. As a jewellery designer I spend hours creating beautiful pieces for this website. On top of that, I walk at least 10,000 steps a day and 4 times a week a hop in the car and drive half an hour to my closest gym (I live in a regional town of NSW). At the gym I do strength training. So there you have it! Living alone in your mature years is wonderful as long as you embrace life, love yourself, be kind to yourself, smile, laugh and keep fit! It's also important to keep in touch with family and friends, socialise and don't become a hermit.

Amethyst bracelet
I discovered a passion for jewellery making


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