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Do Loved Ones Visit Us When They Die?

Do Loved Ones Visit Us When They Die

Millions of individuals think that when we leave our physical bodies and enter the next realm, life continues. I firmly believe that those who have passed on can occasionally let us know that they are ok, and I have evidence of this. I am certain that my brother did it all those years ago, and I can still recall it precisely as though it were occurring right now.

Just before his funeral, a few days after Gary passed away, his spirit came to see me. I was sobbing in bed. I was alone and wide awake. Suddenly, a visual began to play in my head like a video. I was certain I was not dreaming since it was so vivid. I was awake at that moment. I could clearly hear a voice, coming right beside my right hear. "Debbie, I'm OK," Gary's voice was crystal clear as it said. It astonished me. Both from inside my thoughts and with my hearing, I heard it. Then I saw myself crying and sitting on a bench with my head in my hands. Gary was approaching me when I looked up, grinning unlike anything I had ever seen him do. I was overjoyed. He was dressed in black jeans and a diamond-encrusted sweater. The diamond's bottom half was black and its top half was white.

Gary had a light body. He sat next to me and encircled me with his arms. He gave a head nod and a half-smile, which was typical of him in life. "Everything you believe in life after death is true; I am truly happy," he telepathically communicated to me. I cannot emphasise this telepathic message enough. I had such a clear impression of what he was saying that I thought I could hear him say it. He didn't have to speak, though.

People who have experienced a near-death experience frequently recount this kind of spirit world connection. I must be clear that this was not a dream since I have never forgotten it, and I can recall it at any time, which is something I can't generally do because I have trouble seeing things clearly. Without that vision, I believe I might have made the decision to commit suicide on my own. I was really upset even though I thought there was life after death. I just couldn't get over Gary leaving.

vases of jonquils

Let's fast-forward to my birthday the following year. I woke up at four in the morning to the beautiful aroma of jonquils, my favourite flower, filling my room. At this time, there were no jonquils in the garden or anyplace else around.

A few years after that encounter, I was asleep in bed, which is why I think souls can communicate with us in our dreams. At 5.30 in the morning, my pillow was wet from my tears as I woke up. I had shed tears over a lucid dream that I still clearly remember today. I just knew Gary had visited me again when I woke up knowing and feeling like I had been with him. This is a description of the dream I had that night.

There are five coffins, and I'm a pallbearer again (as I was at Gary's burial). Since there are still five of us in the family, it seems unusual to me that there should be five coffins. My father, my brothers Kevin and Eamonn, and their placement in the front pew strike me as odd. Other pallbearers are present, but I don't remember who they are. Two rows of people, including my mother, who appears young and content, are seated on the altar. In front of them, Gary had risen to his feet. He is dressed in black jeans and a white T-shirt that is partially showing, exactly as he did in real life. He still has a scruffy appearance, but the main change is that he now appears really joyful. I'm in tears as I prepare to transport these deceased individuals to be cremated. Gary begins to jump for delight, and the rows of onlookers, including my mother, join him. They all begin shouting while raising their arms in the air. "Bring those coffins up here, bring them up," they begin yelling, "for they are about to experience happiness like they have never felt before." Gary is still bouncing with excitement, and I think how fortunate the dead are to be returning to paradise. Dad is in tears. I carry my coffin to the altar and then sit next to my father while crying. Don't cry, Dad, don't cry, I tell you. Life goes on, Gary recently informed me when I saw him up there. Mum was still very much alive when the dream took place, but I had a sneaking suspicion she would be the next relative to pass away. Sadly, that came true in 2015, but ironically, that dream still offers me peace since I know that she must be with Gaz and doing fine. At Mum's funeral, I also served as a pall bearer.

Since then, he has given me a lot more small indications, but nothing, absolutely nothing, has been able to alter my conviction that this existence is nothing more than a classroom. The benefits for being a loving human being will be granted to us at the conclusion of school, which is the day we die. Like any school, it can occasionally be challenging, and certainly, we fail at many tests.

Gary appeared to me in a dream the following time I visited him in the afterlife. With the exception of dreams I have of Gary, I don't typically remember them. In my life, I was going through a difficult moment. I had been in excruciating agony due to a root canal, an abscess, and the agonising TMJ syndrome. The discomfort was almost intolerable. I distinctly recall thinking that I would prefer to pass away than endure such agony day and night. I was unable to work or eat, and I sobbed a lot. I ended up spending 12 hours on heavy painkillers in the emergency room. Although the medications didn't make the agony go away, they did cause me to dread going to sleep, which at least provided some comfort. They gave me a TMJ diagnosis and started me on medication. My dentist recommended that I have some physiotherapy for my mouth before being admitted to the hospital. I made the decision to get a pet budgie on the way home from the physio. I thought I required a pet. I chose to train my bird right away so it could perch on top of the cage because I don't like seeing birds in cages. This bird quickly mastered staying on top of the cage; it only took a few days. I got Coyote (the budgie) a week later, and a week later I had a dream involving birds. Some birds were lined up, and they were pretty unkempt and filthy. Then I saw the clearest image I had ever seen of Gary's face. It was just like really seeing him. He placed his cheek against one of the filthy birds that he had picked up. He had an innocent, unwavering love expression on his face. I understood that he was trying to demonstrate to me that even if the bird was unclean and not as attractive as the others, it didn't matter because he still loved it dearly.

A few days after my mother died, I felt someone sit on my bed. Even though I was alone myself and couldn't see anyone, I could feel my mother watching over me. It was a pretty potent emotion.

The other night, I dreamed about my mother and felt as though I had been with her. It was strange to wake up and realise that she was no longer with us, but that dream did bring me a lot of consolation.

My best evidence, in my opinion, came in 2007. Michael Wheeler from Psychic Oranges gave me a psychic reading. In addition to the numerous other things Michael read for me over the phone, he informed me that my brother wished to get in touch with me. He claimed that Gary was with the dog that crossed the street holding up the letter B on a sign while holding up the letter B himself. Blocker, mum's dog, had recently passed away. He then revealed that he actually has two additional canines beginning with the letter B. I was shocked because Mum also had "Bully" and "Butch" who had passed away. The statement that "your brother wants you to know he loves the tattoo, he loves the tattoo of the feather" was what most persuaded me. I broke down in tears because I had gotten a tiny feather tattooed on my lower back three weeks before as a tribute to Gary.

I have many more stories of proof of life after death, and I have left my body on many occasions. Death is not to be feared, for we are here only a short while before we return to paradise.


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