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Adopt or Sponsor a Dingo And Support Dingo Den

I've been getting to know Dingoes in Hawks Nest, where I now live, for the past year and a half. My first encounter was frightening because I was bushwalking when two dingoes charged at me. I ran for my life, only to discover later that it was the worst decision I could have made! The dingoes, fortunately for me, were not interested in pursuing me. Since then, I've encountered a number of dingoes, some of them are well-known among the locals. I recently came upon a pack of four of them while travelling through the National Park. From the safety of my car, I shot some photos.

Sponsor a dingo

I've grown to appreciate and adore dingoes, therefore I was thrilled to be able to sponsor Bindi, a Dingo Den resident. Dingo Den Animal Rescue is an Australian registered charity maintained by a national volunteer network.

Dingo Den is a non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving dingoes, empowering wildlife carers, and preventing the loss of Australia's fragile animals and flora.

Adopt a friend

Every dingo in Dingo Den's care has a unique tale about how they became homeless. Despite the fact that each dingo's tale is unique, they all have the longing to return to a loving family.

Dingoes prefer to be around other dingoes because they are a pack animal. Dingoes are not built for solitude and prefer to be with their families at all times, whether they be dingos, humans, or dogs.

Giving a needy dingo a lifelong home is a rewarding experience. Adopting a dingo entails saving a soul and also obtaining a lifelong companion. Dingoes have special needs, therefore it's impressive when someone is ready to provide them with all they want for a long and happy life.

Open your heart and home to a lifelong companion and embark on an exciting adoption experience!

Visit for more information.

dingo den sponsorship

Sponsorship as a means of collaboration

Love has the power to save lives. Dingo Den's volunteer staff dedicates countless hours of love and commitment to vulnerable dingoes in need every day. Some of the vulnerable dingoes were abandoned or rescued from abusive households, while others were displaced pets surrendered by their owners. The tiny wild-born orphan pups, who are frequently discovered malnourished and abandoned in the wild because their parents have been slaughtered, are perhaps the weakest of the dingoes treated. They wait for salvation, traumatised by the horrible events they've had.

Dingo Den volunteers devote their lives to caring for the wild-hearted, and they understand that their caring fans want to aid these endangered dingoes as well, through private sponsorship. Anyone interested in participating in the sponsorship programme will have a fantastic time. It provides people with the same opportunity that the team values: assisting the brave in their recovery from illness, trauma, and life-threatening situations. Sponsorship allows Dingo Den to save lives while also allowing the community to participate in the rescue process. From the moment they are placed in care until they are adopted. Sponsors get tonnes of behind-the-scenes material about their sponsor dingoes and the chance to meet them in person to see firsthand how their support is making a difference.

Please consider sponsoring us today to become a part of the pack!

Dingo Rescue

The orphaned Banjo is the epitome of a small Aussie battler. Go to to read Banjo's story.


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