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My Consultation With Seth Levine, Starseed


Seth Levine

Seth Levine is a Star Seed who has interacted with many Interdimensional Races over the course of his entire existence. He is aware of his origin in terms of the central sun and his SOL stream, which has concurrently held many positions in and above this game grid. Seth has come to understand that he is a part of the Higher Force operating on Earth and that he has the ability to help others in this process in addition to being initiated into the Great Mystery. Seth is also a multidimensional healer, a practitioner of kambo, and he has demonstrated this ability on various levels of disclosure with the video proof of the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft flying over our skies.


I am a big fan of the JeffMara podcast on YouTube where Jeff interviews some extraordinary people with amazing stories to share. I came across this interview, something told me to watch it. You can watch the video yourself (above link), and for the sceptics, this might not be for you. However, we live in a chaotic world that isn't making any sense anymore, and many people are now exploring why and what else is there regarding life.

I have always been 'awake', so to speak, and have had a spiritual interest my whole life, including many out-of-body experiences and paranormal events. Watching this video and the evidence that these spacecraft exist was the catalyst that made me want to reach out to Seth immediately and book a session with him. As it turns out, Seth told me he had received many emails since the YouTube video that he hasn't had a chance to reply to, so I think it was serendipitous that mine made it to the top of the list.

starseeds on earth


Sometimes we meet people we are instantly drawn to or feel like we are old friends. That's how I felt when Seth and I connected on Zoom. Seth is based in the USA, and I'm in Australia, so it was an early morning for me. I watched the glorious sunrise as Seth, and I began our session.

Seth did some clearing on my home. We meditated together, and then I asked many questions. One was about a UFO dream I had when I was 14 in 1975 that was so vivid that I think about it still every day of my life. In the 1970s, flying saucers were portrayed precisely like that; a saucer! I witnessed this massive spacecraft, like a highly complex city with many levels. Seth confirmed this was a memory because I'm connected with these beings. The video below I created in Canva which is similar to what I saw however mine was not round it was more rectangle.

We also talked about my episodes with sleep paralysis and the two times last year I witnessed a black mist that I knew was sinister hovering over my bed, and I physically felt something blow in my face, run to the door and come back and do it again. It was absolutely terrifying but I summoned the courage to demand they leave. Seth helped me clear that energy.

We discussed much more about my life, which I won't go on about here, and when we ended our session, Seth told me I would be exhausted. He wasn't wrong! My energy was totally drained for about 4 hours, and I'm only feeling up to writing now.

Moving on, I will interview Seth via video soon, and in the meantime, please visit his website for more information. I would recommend watching the JeffMara video first (sorry, I can't embed it here for copyright reasons), but I have shared one of Seth's videos from YouTube regarding the UFOs in the below links.

If you are looking to find out more about why we are here and why this planet is so crazy right now, book a session with Seth. I'm glad I did. I have so much more clarity now.


Update: I am writing this the day after, last night was the first night I have slept through the night without waking up in years. I woke up feeling wonderful this morning.


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