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Before We Were Born | A Story About Reincarnation

Updated: 5 days ago

I chatted with Author and channeller, Kathy Dayan about her wonderful book, Before We Were Born.

Synopsis: Elia and Kalli are soulmates who travel together through lifetimes. This time, in 1977, Kalli is reborn as Joy Sanders to a family who instantly adores her, but Elia, who chooses a mother based solely on her proximity to Kalli, fares less fortunate.

He is reincarnated as Jeremy Blake, born prematurely and affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. But he is keenly intuitive and can hear the voices of the spirits who guide him in his new life. Fiercely intelligent and strong-willed Joy becomes his closest childhood friend and protector. Together they form an unbreakable alliance.

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before we were born

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