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5 things to know when buying organic

5 things to know when buying organic

Organic products are a favourite for many people. Opting for products that claim to be free of nasty ingredients is a powerful incentive for consumers as they shop for their skin. Although organic is great, what should we really be looking for? Here are 5 things to know when buying organic products according too Senior Dermal Skin therapist Christie Cameron from SSKIN Clinic and expert for RosehipPLUS:


While there are products that ‘claim’ to be organic, they may not actually be certified therefore trusted. When shopping around, have a look on the bottle or box of the product for an Australian Certified Organic approval. This essentially is a trusted brand/product tha have been tested and verified to ensure its organic status. This is why it’s important to read the label to make sure your product is labelled 100% organic.

Hidden Ingredients

Whilst we can focus on an active or key ingredient of a product, it is important to note the other ingredients used. Just because something is organic does not mean there are no hidden nasties such as fragrances, chemicals or preservatives – always read the label.

Natural vs organic

Unfortunately, even if a product is labelled ‘natural’ this does not certify that it is organic. The term natural is not regulated, meaning any brand are able to se it on their packaging. Natural, in its meaning implies that the ingredient(s) have been derived from a plant, animal product or mineral however they still may contain synthetic properties.

Organic doesn't mean suitable

Although opting for organic products are a great way to understand what exactly is going into your skin, does not mean that it will suit everybody. As we all have different skin, certain ingredients may be present in organic products that might irritate someone’s allergies or tolerances. For example, many organic products might contain essential oils, which for some people may cause irritation. If you are opting for organic skincare, always read the label and ingredient list to ensure you are comfortable with what you are applying to your skin.

Organic gives back

Purchasing organic products, not only limits your carbon footprint however supports farmers in their organic fields and its security for future generations. Organic farmers relies on natural principles such as composting and biodiversity rather than chemicals to ensure healthy and clean ingredients. My favourite reason to support organic farming is being kind to the earth.


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