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What The World Needs Now Is Love

the world needs love

We live in a world of fear. Fear of diseases, fear of death, fear of illness, fear of poverty, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted and the on and on it goes. And that fear is a choice. We either choose to be fearful, or we choose the opposite, which is love.

We are powerful. The human being is strong, and if all of us united in love rather than fear, we would have a fantastic planet. I will repeat, it is a choice. We choose. We choose everything that we put into our head. We choose our thoughts, and our thoughts become our feelings.

It is that simple, yet we make it hard for ourselves.

In my personal opinion, I feel the human race is going through a catastrophic time, and we are currently making history because we are a world of fearful people. Fearful of the government, afraid of the police, afraid of virus, afraid of war etc. And we now have to say, enough! No more, we are not frightened anymore.

So how do we change fear into love? We stop the chatter in our head and pull ourselves up for it every time we think about things that are not positive. We look at the abundance we have on this planet and how we can make opportunities for ourselves by turning the things that are not working into something that does.

I started this website because the mainstream media and the endless stories about the virus, masks, lockdowns, protests, and politics turned me negative. I'm a pretty easy going positive person generally, and having these negative feelings surprised me. So I had the ah-ha moment of publishing a positive website that focused on only good news stories and ways to lead a more loving and fulling life.


Just stop giving a toss

That's my motto. Stop caring what others think about you. Please turn off the mainstream media and give your head a break from the fear mongering that goes with it. Who cares if someone jumps in front of the line, is rude to you or has a different opinion than yours? Stop caring because it doesn't matter.

Loving your life

It is easy to wake up feeling grumpy, especially if you have health, family or money worries. A friend of mine once told me that she immediately looks up at the ceiling and smiles at it when she wakes up. You should try it, it works! I like to say my gratitude when I wake up and give thanks that I have another day to create on this planet.


Many people think they can't meditate because of the chatter that goes on inside their heads. I'm one of those chatterboxes and find listening to binaural beats or a guided meditation helps. It is also helpful to do shorter meditations.


When you spend time in nature and appreciate how wonderful it is, you can't help but feel instantly peaceful. When I look up at the stars at night or get onto Youtube and look at astronomy shows, I'm in awe of how vast the Universe is and how small we are here on planet Earth. When you consider we are the only habitable planet in our solar system and look at what makes it that way with our forests, air, water and food, how can you possibly not feel love and abundance?

Loving our planet

Every one of us on this planet can make small changes that contribute positively to our environment.

We can:

  • Compost our food wastage

  • Recycle and upcycle

  • Plant trees

  • Grow our food (no matter how small, i.e. herbs)

  • Ditch single-use plastic

  • Take shorter showers

Everything you think and do is a choice. Sure, we all make bad choices, but beating ourselves up about them isn't helping us feel better. Show kindness to others, pay it forward, be grateful, use creativity and make a choice to feel happy or bothered.


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