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Glasgow to plant 18 million trees

Glasgow has taken the initiative to plant about 18 million trees over the next ten years in its fight against climate change. The ambitious project aims to plant ten trees for every person in the Glasgow City Region, creating an urban forest.

What's even more exciting is that the trees are to be planted in coal mining sites, derelict land, and civic places and urban streets, turning desolation into a thriving woodland.

With around 29,000 hectares already existing in the Glasgow region, you would expect the city is flourishing with trees. However, the forests are fragmented thanks to urban development, and there is plenty of room for improvement. This exciting new project will connect the existing woodlands and boost biodiversity, giving nature more of the land it deserves.

To identify the right places to plant new trees, community groups and land managers are tasked with discovering the best-suited locations. These locations may also include replacing trees that are no longer healthy.

Free woodland assessments are being offered to landowners and local authorities to help identify new potential areas to green up space.

Greening up Glasgow City is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to encourage staff to get involved in tree planting.

Launching the initiative Councillor Susan Aitken, Chair of Glasgow City Region Cabinet and Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "This year we have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Glasgow City Region and showcase how we are planning to adapt to and mitigate climate change while allowing nature to thrive and grow.

With new community woodlands and forests, citizens will reap the benefits of getting back to nature and experience wildlife. The pandemic has brought into focus like never before the value of local spaces as places to exercise, de-stress and engage with nature and this project can help to deliver the Green Recovery. The economic, ecological and social benefits will be extensive.

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